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Ellis Graphics Equipment
  Ellis Graphics Equipment At Ellis Graphics we are always looking for better, faster, more efficient ways to get quality products printed and out to our customers. At Ellis Graphics we're always staying abreast of the latest technology and printing techniques, substrates, inks and other materials used in our customers' projects.

The following is a brief overview of the equipment we use and the benefits derived from its use and passed on to you in cost savings:
Guillotine Cutter
Ellis Graphics 6 Color Hercules Press
Hercules Six Color Press

Roland SolJet Digital Printer at Ellis Graphics
Roland Digital Printer
  Electronic PrePress Equipment Used
  • Macintosh and Windows Prepress Systems
  • Oyo Thermal Film Imaging
  • Autotype/Quadra Roland 500 large format film generator

Benefits of This Equipment:

Macintosh is the system most widely used in the graphics industry. We are always upgrading our software to match our customers. This prevents any compatibility issues.

We can output film 54" wide and up to 2400" long. All of our films are produced internally, giving us the flexibility to quickly overcome obstacles that regularly occur in the production process. All of this significantly speeds turnaround and thereby reduces prices to our customers.

To the left are a couple of images of the type equipment used in-plant at Ellis Graphics. If you want more information please call us at 1.888.572-8700.

UV Screen Printing Presses Used
  • Hercules - 36" x 50" image
  • Long Stroke - 60" x 144" image [Banner Press]
  • Patriot - 48" x 96" image [Banner Press]
  • Eclipse - 38" x 58" image


Our goal is to have a balanced pressroom that satisfies our customers' needs. The Patriot and Long Stroke are our banner presses. We have the capability to produce a 12 foot long continuous image. We can produce even larger banners.

The Eclipse fills the small to medium size niche both in finish size and run length.

Our "crown jewel" is our Hercules Press. It has six print/dry heads and a flip station. It's ideal for long run jobs. Other advantages are:

  • Pinned registration system reduces set-up time and increases quality.
  • Handles 4 color process plus two spot colors in one pass.
  • Can print on tough to handle substrates like aluminum, etc.
  • Reduces job production time.
  • Enhances ability to meet deadlines & ship dates

Ellis Graphics Longstroke Press
Long Stroke Press

  Finishing Equipment Used
  • 35" Guillotine Cutter
  • 54" Guillotine Cutter
  • 95" Guillotine Cutter
  • 12"x19" Automatic Die Cutter
  • 25" x 38" Platen Die Cutter
  • 60" x 144" Flat Bed Die Cutter
  • Drilling Machines
  • Round Cornering Machine
  • Eyelet Machine
  • Small Shrink Wrapper
  • Laminators


We do all of our own production from file prep, printing, die-cutting and fulfillment. This allows us to keep control of quality through every stage of production. It also allows us to keep our costs down. What that means is that our clients always get the best product at a very competitive price.

As you can see by our Finishing machinery list, Ellis Graphics has the equipment to get your job completed and out the door.

Ellis Graphics Die Cutter
Die Cutter

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